Music From The Works Of James Joyce

Music From the Works of James Joyce compiles many of the songs Joyce alluded to in his poems, stories, and novels (such as music-hall ballad “Finnegan’s Wake”). It also includes Joyce’s own work—his collection of poems, Chamber Music—given “musical settings” by composer Ross Lee Finney. Inspired by this enlightening collection of Joyce’s favorite music, blogger ulyssestone of Spotify Classical Playlists compiled the playlist above of all the songs available to stream. This playlist includes not only songs that influenced the author, or were written by him; ulyssestone also added several songs that Joyce inspired, such as Syd Barrett’s “Golden Hair,” based on a poem from Chamber Music, Kate Bush’s “Flower of the Mountain,” based on Molly Bloom’s final soliloquy, and Jefferson Airplane’s “Rejoyce,” a “highly selective cap of Ulysses.” John Cage’s Roaratorio appears, as does the work of several other Joyce-inspired classical composers. (Source: Open Culture.)